Do you want chop and change between different diets or do you want to create a foundation that will work LONG TERM?

If you are here for a quick fix, or some crap generic meal plan then this will not be for you. If you are wanting to spend a little time gaining more KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & UNDERSTANDING of nutrition so you can improve your CrossFit performance..then WELCOME!

Before you read on - we are not here to tell you to count every gram of fat in each meal and be stuck on your phone entering all your food in every 3 hours. This is about providing practical advice based on our experience and knowledge.

This is the process that we would like you to follow. We use this with all clients from Games athletes to new members.
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If you are not assessing you are guessing. You need to perform some kind of analysis to get your starting point. Numerous factors we can address here so just finding which one may work will help us get the ball rolling.

Identify your goal. This is essential as you will then work your way through the members site and receive information based on what YOUR goal is.

We have done a lot of the groundwork in putting the starting plan in place. However you need to know your WHY. Why are you wanting to achieve your goal. Make sure you note this down.

Objective data is great to track your progress. You can simply weigh yourself, take measurements, get someone to take your body fat using callipers or use a body composition machine such as boditrax or inBody. You will be glad you did this in the future! Trust us.




This is where 6 week plans and cookie cutter plans only work for a small majority....they are not individualised!

We have put the starting plan in place based off our extensive experience. If you follow this in the initial stages we know you will make progress...but it has to has to be adjusted to YOUR lifestyle. 

The key word is adjusted. Small changes like changing the snack to mid morning if you eat lunch a little later in the day or adding in an extra snack if you trained twice that day. 

We know that life can get in the way and this is why working with us through the whole membership site we will answer all questions, provide you with the knowledge to be FLEXIBLE with your nutrition and maximise your CrossFit membership



Being aware of how the plan is changing your health and performance is crucial to finding what works for you.

We have provided you with the interactive tracker, the macro calculator and then private Facebook group to ensure you are tracking your progress.

Now this can be positive or negative. It can be objective or doesn't matter. We just need feedback!! We cannot make changes if we don't what has or hasn't worked!


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Assessing your progress to allow for small adjustments is how we take the usual short term "diet" and make it sustainable.

 - How did you measurements change?

 - Did you hit any personal bests?

 - What other areas did you notice an impact - such as sleep, digestion, energy, skin etc

 - How did the meal structure work for you?

 - Do you feel on target to achieving your goals?

Answer these questions and then adjust the plan to continue your progress. REMEMBER IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT WEIGHT AND BODYFAT. Make one or two small changes on the weak areas of your plan. There is a section dedicated to this once after 1 month that will take you through the best way to adjust your plan.

We can also take a look at the metrics we measured. This could be weight, use WODIFY to look at training performance, measurements and the tracker.


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The last piece of the puzzle is progress. This is about habit forming and building on your success. Most people don't get this far...we challenge you to break the norm and start achieving your potential.

See a normal "challenge" or "diet" is only a short term fix. You need to shift into making it a lifestyle. YOUR WAY OF EATING.

Evolving your OWN nutrition plan. Again...this is what we are here to help you do