Competition nutrition

Advice for crushing any competition and the CrossFit open  

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Competing in a competition can be brutal on your body. As there are normally multiple WOD’s with short rest periods in between a slightly altered approach to your nutrition is required.

Unless you have the luxury of being able to train multiple times a day then this will be shock to your body. We want you to enjoy the day and have the energy to push yourself to your limits to ensure you crush the competition. 

We have put together a practical guide to help you not just survive the weekend but push all the way to the last event. 

Weekend competition

Here is our nutrition guide for 1 or 2 day competitions. The guide will cover

  • The week leading into the competition.

  • Pre and post event nutrition.

  • What to eat in between events.

  • Recipes, meal prep, supplementation.

  • Post competition nutrition advice.

The CrossFit Open

Need advice on how to crush the CrossFit Open?! This guide will provide - 

  • Advice on how to set up your nutrition in the weeks leading into the open

  • What to eat in the week leading into the first workout

  • How to fuel for each workout - depending on what time you are doing it

  • How to optimise your recovery post workout

  • Supplement advice

  • FAQ

  • Meal plan examples

  • Recipes!!

Post open nutrition advice

Ah the open has finished and all that stress and anxiety has dissipated. But after all the beers and pizza on the last night we need to transition back into some normality.  After the Open we want to focus on repair and regeneration and how to move into the next phase of training.