A lot of the time the answer to any nutrition question is "it depends"

At pH Nutrition we don't do 6 week meal plans as we want you to be building your OWN plan. Finding what works for you. The membership site is all about building habits and aligning your nutrition specific to CrossFit. 


Whenever choosing a meal think of these points

What are you goals? Could be fat loss / body composition 

What have you done? Have you sat on the tube and sat at your desk for the morning? Or have cycled to work after a 6am class? 

What are you going to do? Going home for Netflix in bed? Or are hitting that weightlifting class at 6pm? 

Think of these points when choosing meals and you have a great starting point.

This is why we have structured the meals in a certain way.

We all need structure. If we don't then it is too easy to lose your way. The decision matrix is how we start to educate you to be flexible with your nutrition plan long term. 

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