Nutrition plan tools

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Performance tracker

We use these trackers with our coaching clients. Here is your own!

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Measurement guide

Our guide on what and how to take your measurements and progress pictures.

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How to hit your macros

Our guide to how to hit your calorie target and macros.

Meal structure

Our meal structure system, meal plates, hand portion guide and sample meal plan


Key areas of nutrition

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Recovery guide

Supercharge your recovery



Foods and supplements to balance your brain and boost your performance

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Strength guide

Nutrition guide to support your strength training phase

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Injury nutrition guide

No one likes being injured! Use our nutrition guide to accelerate your recovery

hydration guide image.001.jpeg

Hydration guide

Advice and tips to stay hydrated

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Gut healing protocol

Our step by step guide to improving your gut health


All about food

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Shopping guide

How to shop, what to buy and our kitchen essentials

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Travel & eating out

Our guide on how to manage your nutrition when eating out and travelling.

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Smoothie guide

Fuel your performance with these recipes

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Snack book

Snacking made easy!

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Our nutrition courses

These guides can be used to supplement your nutrition plan. However we use them in our nutrition courses and go through them in more detail. Check out the courses we currently have available.