We have worked with hundreds of CrossFit members and we have used the knowledge and experience to create this membership site. We have put the guide together as a starting point and we know that this will help improve your CrossFit performance and reduce your body fat....if followed for a consistent period! 

This section provides the HOW, THE WHAT AND THE WHY of your plan.






Why do we start with 4 meals?

By arranging your food intake over 4 evenly spaced meals you reduce the likelihood of over eating. Your blood sugar level remains more stable and you are less likely to produce excess insulin; the hormone responsible for causing excess food to be converted to fat. 

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Excess insulin is produced when we consume too much carbohydrate and our blood sugar level increases. It can also be released too often if we snack regularly. The body needs blood sugar to be within a certain range, so insulin keeps the glucose levels from getting too high and causing negative repercussions. 

If you eat too much in one meal then the excess food that is not used to replenish energy supplies can get stored as body fat. 

The problem with spiking insulin at the wrong times is that it can cause negative health issues and increased body fat storage. So by changing the type of meal you eat and spacing your meals evenly we can more effectively manage insulin.

This is why we ask you to eat 1 TRAINING MEAL and 2 ANYTIME MEALS per day.

Why do we eat protein and carbohydrates post workout?

Even in a fat loss phase we want to be thinking about PERFORMANCE. 

When doing CrossFit or any form of intense exercise we stress the body by causing muscle damage and depleting energy stores. If we do not REPLENISH these stores we will be on the path to fatigue, muscle soreness and demotivation. Not a good place to be.

However if we TIME our carbohydrate intake correctly, eat the RIGHT type in the RIGHT amounts, we will lose fat and crush your workouts.

An analogy we use often with clients is that of a car....

Now if your car sits on the drive all day long you wouldn't go pumping loads of fuel into it would you?

If you were to drive your car just round the corner you again wouldn't feel the need to "refuel".

However if you drove really fast for an hour or did lots of trips that day the car would need to refuelled. If you don't do this what happens? Yep it cannot function

Think of carbohydrates as the fuel. So when we have trained and depleted our energy stores we need to refuel. If we do - we can go into the subsequent sessions with energy stores full.

If we don't...we may run out of fuel. 

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We want you to be able to set up your nutrition long term. We do not want a short term fix. Therefore understanding how to build your meals is essential. 

We use different meal plates to allow for us to include different macronutrients to support performance, recovery and health.

“ Changing your meals depending when you train will give you the flexibility and take away that decision stress of what to eat and when ”

Fat loss comes down to an energy balance - regardless of what you macronutrient ratios are. However to maximise performance changing your intake at different meals will help supercharge recovery and performance. 

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Here is a video with an overview regarding the meal structure and why it is crucial that we adhere to this!

A quick video regarding what to expect following the fat loss plan in the first month.