Everdine - simple solution to evening meals

A huge part of keeping on point with your nutrition is consistency. The number of decisions we have to make about food daily is staggering. A huge part of my job is to take this decision stress away and help you to make better choices. One way to do this is using a meal delivery service such as EVERDINE

There are numerous reasons for using a service like this. Now I do advise clients to use this type of service to supplement their meals over the week. You don't have to eat every meal from them! A sample week of evening meals might look like this.

Monday - Evening training so had leftovers from Sunday dinner with added veg

Tuesday - Everdine meal as you worked late

Wednesday - Meal prep night - cook up extra for lunch next two days

Thursday - Everdine meal as you had evening training session

Friday - Eat out

Saturday - Home cooked meal

Sunday - Food prep

Now if there are two of you then 8 meals every two weeks and you are done! Take the stress away from getting back late and having to cook. Or as normally happens - go to the fridge and snack on some weird combinations of stuff in there!

There are numerous meal delivery services ranging from ones that provide all the ingredients for you to cook to prepared meals. However the downsides that some of my clients have raised about other meal prep companies are

  • Too expensive
  • Lack of taste
  • Poor quality ingredients
  • Portion sizes too small

After one client put Everdine on my radar I started to do some research and was pleasantly surprised.  Clean and wholesome gourmet meals. Cooked and frozen, courier-delivered. Most meals ready to eat in around 10 minutes. Eating clean made simple. 

I have been extremely impressed by Everdine. The quality of the food is incredible, the variety of the menu is great with a blend of meat, fish and veggie options. Some meals are better if left to thaw and then heated up but most taste incredible heated from frozen. You can also change your delivery schedule and meals to suit your current lifestyle. 

For those who struggle to prep their own meals. work and train late or just don't like to cook that often then maybe trying EVERDINE could help! 

If you click on the links in this article they have KINDLY giving pH Nutrition a code to pass on for £20 off your first TWO orders.