Green "smoussie" - Madeleine Mortimer

Not another green smoothie! I can hear your eyes roll…

However, I have termed this a “smoussie” due to its thick consistency and biteable texture. It is in fact quite deliberate in the composition as the chewing action promotes saliva production, covering our food with the enzyme Ptyalin which helps breakdown the food (carbohydrates) for digestion. No chewing, no ptyalin, harder work for our digestive system. There is method in my madness!


Part one-       

  • -       250ml almond milk

  • -       1 apple

  • -       ½ avocado

  • -       Generous handful of spinach / kale

  • -       1 Tbsp nut butter

Part two

Whizz up all the ingredients in part one and then stir through those in part two (we don’t want to break down the powder and seeds).

If you leave it for a bit in the fridge, just 30 mins or overnight, it will be super smoussie!!

green smoothie

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