So what does the program contain?

How to be a Fitter woman is a 3 month nutrition coaching program designed and delivered by me (AJ from pH Nutrition) and Esther from FitrWoman.

  • The programme will coach you ladies on how, what and when to eat, not only as a woman but also as an individual!

  • It is designed to balance hormones and reduce stress on the body

  • It will help you increase energy levels, improve sleep quality and motivation, giving you that get up and go.

  • It will show you how to eat and train in line with your menstrual cycle.

The course will kick off with a 14 page start guide detailing the three months ahead.

But don’t worry the programme is split into monthly blocks with a step by step pathway to follow.

And we will drip feed all the content to you through the app so you are not overwhelmed at any point.