How To Be A Fitter Woman

The tried, tested, and proven system that rejuvenates female health, eliminates the crippling issues that affect you around your menstrual cycle, handle hormonal chaos with ease, and enhance your functional fitness performance to the levels that you dream of.

Without crazy cleanses, detoxes, extreme diets, and complete lifestyle overhaul.

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Have you been suffering through your fitness regime?

Have you ever felt fatigued no matter many ZZZ you seem to get at night?  

You leave it all on the gym floor, giving your all in every workout, and yet your never seem to make any progress.

On some days do you feel strong, lean, and capable but other days you feel like a shapeless blob who could barely lift an empty bar?

There is a reason that you feel like this…..

I see these symptoms all the time with my clients. I have been there myself!

And yes, our lovely hormones can play a role BUT what if I showed you that you can get out of bed and feel energised, go into workouts knowing that your finely tuned and ready to do some damage, oh and even even reduce pesky PMS cravings?

I know you might be thinking that sounds too good to be true but allow me to explain…

See, there are specific things us women have to take into account when it comes to our health, performance, body composition, and lifestyle.

And this is why I have created a simple step by step programme to address these issues and allow women just like you to experience their true potential instead of scrambling for the tiniest bit of progress.

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The How to be a Fitter Woman programme will coach you through building sustainable eating habits that are designed to boost your training and make you feel like you’re winning at life.

The system places your needs and ambitions as a woman at the centre of it and delivers life changing results.

Are you ready to make PMS cravings a thing of the past?

Are you ready to stop being at the mercy of your hormones?

Are you ready to experience your health and fitness potential?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Are you ready to become a Fitter Woman?


So what does the program contain?

How to be a Fitter woman is a 3 month nutrition coaching program designed and delivered by me (AJ from pH Nutrition) and Esther from FitrWoman.

  • The programme will coach you ladies on how, what and when to eat, not only as a woman but also as an individual!

  • It is designed to balance hormones and reduce stress on the body

  • It will help you increase energy levels, improve sleep quality and motivation, giving you that get up and go.

  • It will show you how to eat and train in line with your menstrual cycle.

This will be the last nutrition plan you will ever need. No more jumping from diet to diet.

Finally find how to eat for YOUR BODY.


What the programme includes

  • Structured nutrition and training advice around your cycle

  • Individualised calorie and macronutrient breakdowns based on your goal

  • Drip fed content so you are not overwhelmed at any point.

  • Incredible amount of resources and support to educate you on how to eat, train, sleep and recover better.

  • Lots of fun facts on how we ladies operate and how we are different to guys

  • Access to our membership site FOR FREE!

  • Recipe packs and sample meal plans that can be chosen depending on when you train.

  • AND DAILY SUPPORT! You can message me through the app to troubleshoot anything!

This can be used regardless of the training you are doing. It is about providing you with a framework to follow with support from AJ and Esther.

So what are you waiting for…come join the team!


Next intake - January 2020

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£149 per month

Pay monthly option

Who are your coaches?


Amelia Heighington-Wansbrough

I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist having completed my degree at the University of Surrey. My love of fitness and the power individualised nutrition can have on wellbeing and performance stems not only from my own training journey, which has focused on long distance running, Olympic lifting and Crossfit, but also from that of my clients.

Along with a special interest in sports and exercise nutrition, my biggest passion is clinical nutrition with a focus on womens health, pre-conception and pregnancy, with my dissertation examining the effects of nutrient deficiency before and during pregnancy on mum and baby.

The most rewarding part about coaching for me, is witnessing the sense of empowerment clients gain when they feel in control of achieving their goals, and the knock-on effects this can have on other aspects of their lives.

My purpose is to create a personalised nutrition programme to firstly help optimise your health. This will act as the foundations for us to build upon, tailoring your plan so you can spring board towards achieving your goals!

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Esther Goldsmith

I am a sports scientist and researcher, with a particular interest (and passion for) the female athlete. I recently completed my Masters in Sport and Exercise Physiology, where, in my dissertation I investigated the effects of the menstrual cycle on running economy. I now work for FitrWoman, where I work hard trying to empower other women with the tools and knowledge that they need to work with their body and get the most out of themselves.

In another life I trained as a professional contemporary dancer, and so I understand what it is to push yourself to the max. I am now a keen runner, but enjoy all types of workout - I love a good sweat and working towards new goals.

Take a look at this short video where AJ talks through why she has created the program, what you get and some feedback from previous clients.

Sounds good, but…..

+ I am on holiday / have a work trip / go out at weekends. Should I still sign up?

Will there ever be a time when you have a clear run of doing nothing but training, sleeping and prepping food?

No, exactly.

And nor should there be.

If you are away for more than 4 weeks of the program then wait until the next intake. If you have the odd trip, night out, wedding, weekend away etc then thats fine. We will provide you with the information and structure to manage these situations better. This is what nutrition coaching is all about.

If your plan cannot be followed during these times, it is the wrong plan.

+ Do I have to track my food intake every day?

We do advise you to track your food at specific points of the program, but this is simply to get an idea of how much you are currently eating. You need this so we can make adjustments and work towards finding a balance with your nutrition.

Often people are shocked by how much or how little they are eating! So we only ask you to do this at specific points.

There is no requirement to track your food long term at all. We provide you with different options in the plan. We have a meal system (training and anytime meals) that provides you with a clear structure to follow. We also have hand portion guides to help make better choices.

We have laid out the times to eat these depending on when you train. We have our meal breakdowns and recipe tabs that calculate HOW much you need to eat for each meal. Pssst this is like magic - it shows exactly how much of each food to eat to hit your calories and macros).

And we have MyFitnessPal barcodes on all recipes so no more entering in a million ingredients!

+ When you say this isn't body composition focused what do you mean?

What we mean is that it is not a “fat loss” or “muscle gain” program. The way we have structured the program is unique. We have a system that calculates what YOUR body needs.

You then couple this with the feedback from tracking your symptoms through your cycle. This allows us to build a plan that is PERSONALISED to what your body requires.

If you need to lean out we will align your plan to help you achieve this goal. If you are lean and need to put on a little muscle and get stronger then we will coach you in how to do this!

The biggest focus of How to Be a Fitter Woman is balance and personalisation. We are all individuals. Finding a balance with your nutrition will allow for short term progress and long term results.

+ Does it matter if I am post menopausal or using a form of contraceptive

No it doesn’t matter, you can still sign up. The program is written to coach ALL women. No matter what stage of life you are at.

We have also written the program even if you are using the pill or have the implant.

+ Does it matter what type of training I am doing?

Not at all. The program is written drawing on the experiences of all the pH Nutrition staff and Esther. This ranges from endurance training, HIIT, spin, CrossFit, F45 or any other form of functional fitness.

Regardless if you are a runner, triathlete, CrossFitter, cyclist or general gym member you will benefit from the program.

+ I have followed plans before and not really seen results

We can’t comment on why you haven’t made progress previously. However this program is built on -

  • Evidence based research blended with real world experience. No wishy washy advice. Just a nutrition plan that if followed WILL allow you to make progress and finally find a way of eating that works for your body.

  • Simplicity. Yes, it will take a little setting up but the plan is built on making things simple, effective and sustainable. People can overcomplicate nutrition and this leads to either lack of progress in the short term or the inability to stick to it long term.

  • Removing the decision stress. Nutrition should help you reach your goals, lessen the stress we place on our bodies through work and training and support long term health. It should not add to the stress in your life. We have laid everything out for you, provided all the tools and have an incredible community to support your every step.

  • Support. Things never go 100% to plan. Having your coach there to guide you in these times and provide answers to any questions you have allows for you to make sustained progress.

  • Enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy eating the foods we suggest and following the plan then it is not right for you. We have planned it in a way that makes meal and snack times something to look forward to.

Remember progress comes in many forms.


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Early bird offer - Receive 15% off the course fee

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£149 per month

Pay monthly option


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