Are you confused about what to eat as a woman?

Do you ever feel like you’re giving workouts all you’ve got but you’re just not seeing progress?

It is tough being a woman and hearing the phrase “just man up”.

Trust me, I have been there when you simply want to stop the workout.

How frustrating is it when no matter what you eat you still feel you have to just struggle through 🙄

See you shouldn’t be feeling this.

This is not the norm.

Now answer me this…

Have you ever felt fatigued not matter many ZZZ you seem to get at night?  

And on some days do you feel strong and lean, but other days a little squishy and like you can’t be bothered?

There is a reason that you feel like this…..

I see these symptoms all the time with my clients. I have been there myself!

And yes, our lovely hormones can play a role BUT what if I showed you that you can get out of bed and feel energised, go into workouts and smash them and even reduce pesky PMS cravings?

See, there are specific things us women have to take into account. And this is why I have created a new simple step by step new programme to address these issues.

The How to be a Fitter Woman programme will coach you through building sustainable eating habits, not only to boost your training but make you feel like you’re winning at life.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

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Are you ready to become a fitter woman?

So what does the program contain?

How to be a Fitter woman is a 3 month nutrition coaching program designed and delivered by me (AJ from pH Nutrition) and Esther from FitrWoman.

  • The programme will coach you ladies on how, what and when to eat, not only as a woman but also as an individual!

  • It is designed to balance hormones and reduce stress on the body

  • It will help you increase energy levels, improve sleep quality and motivation, giving you that get up and go.

  • It will show you how to eat and train in line with your menstrual cycle.

The course will kick off with a 14 page start guide detailing the three months ahead.

But don’t worry the programme is split into monthly blocks with a step by step pathway to follow.

And we will drip feed all the content to you through the app so you are not overwhelmed at any point.

Next intake - 11th April

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£347 - one off payment

What the programme includes:

  • Our app! This will be where the course material will be delivered from. It even has a feature to track your progress over the 3 months!

  • Individualised calorie and macronutrient breakdowns

  • Structured nutrition and training advice around your cycle

  • Lots of fun facts on how we ladies operate and how we are different to guys

  • Access to our membership site FOR FREE!

  • Recipe packs and sample meal plans that can be chosen depending on when you train.

  • AND DAILY SUPPORT! You can message me through the app to troubleshoot anything!

This can be used regardless of the training you are doing. It is about providing you with a framework to follow with support from AJ and Esther.

So what are you waiting for…come join the team!

Who are your coaches?


Amelia Heighington-Wansbrough

I am a Registered Associate Nutritionist having completed my degree at the University of Surrey. My love of fitness and the power individualised nutrition can have on wellbeing and performance stems not only from my own training journey, which has focused on long distance running, Olympic lifting and Crossfit, but also from that of my clients.

Along with a special interest in sports and exercise nutrition, my biggest passion is clinical nutrition with a focus on womens health, pre-conception and pregnancy, with my dissertation examining the effects of nutrient deficiency before and during pregnancy on mum and baby.

The most rewarding part about coaching for me, is witnessing the sense of empowerment clients gain when they feel in control of achieving their goals, and the knock-on effects this can have on other aspects of their lives.

My purpose is to create a personalised nutrition programme to firstly help optimise your health. This will act as the foundations for us to build upon, tailoring your plan so you can spring board towards achieving your goals!

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Esther Goldsmith

I am a sports scientist and researcher, with a particular interest (and passion for) the female athlete. I recently completed my Masters in Sport and Exercise Physiology, where, in my dissertation I investigated the effects of the menstrual cycle on running economy. I now work for FitrWoman, where I work hard trying to empower other women with the tools and knowledge that they need to work with their body and get the most out of themselves.

In another life I trained as a professional contemporary dancer, and so I understand what it is to push yourself to the max. I am now a keen runner, but enjoy all types of workout - I love a good sweat and working towards new goals.

Still not convinced?

We are hosting a seminar on the 6th April and can send you the details and live recording!