Are you confused about what to eat as a woman?

Do you ever feel like you’re giving workouts all you’ve got but you’re just not seeing progress?

It is tough being a woman and hearing the phrase “just man up”.

Trust me, I have been there when you simply want to stop the workout.

How frustrating is it when no matter what you eat you still feel you have to just struggle through 🙄

See you shouldn’t be feeling this.

This is not the norm.

womens crossfit.jpg

Now answer me this…

Have you ever felt fatigued no matter many ZZZ you seem to get at night?  

And on some days do you feel strong and lean, but other days a little squishy and like you can’t be bothered?

There is a reason that you feel like this…..

I see these symptoms all the time with my clients. I have been there myself!

And yes, our lovely hormones can play a role BUT what if I showed you that you can get out of bed and feel energised, go into workouts and smash them and even reduce pesky PMS cravings?

See, there are specific things us women have to take into account. And this is why I have created a simple step by step programme to address these issues.

The How to be a Fitter Woman programme will coach you through building sustainable eating habits, not only to boost your training but make you feel like you’re winning at life.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Are you ready to become a Fitter Woman?