1. Simply enter your details in and click on the fat loss tab.

  2. For your target weight please enter in the ideal weight you want to be. It can be anything (within reason!).

  3. For the challenge we recommend you choose BASELINE from the calorie target drop down menu.

  4. Note down your calories, macro nutrients and meal targets.

If the calculator doesn’t show for some reason please just refresh the page.



Now you have your targets we can start to build and plan our meals.

We know calories and macros can be confusing. So using a simple system of TRAINING and ANYTIME meals we can be more consistent with our choices. The challenge is relatively simple.

  • Follow the structure and number of meals.

  • Choose a recipe that matches the meal structure and calorie target as close as possible.

  • Track your progress.

recipe site.001.jpeg

Our recipe page

Alongside your recipe and meal plan pack we have our recipe section that has some of best recipes. These are also categorised into Training and Anytime meals.