1. Simply enter your details in and choose your goal
  2. In the first month we recommend to choose BASELINE from the drop down menu
  3. You can then click on SHOW BREAKDOWNS to get your breakdown depending on when you train
  4. You can download the meal plan template that is closest to your calorie target.
  5. If you don't want to track or follow macros just use the meal suggestions and the recipe section.

Follow the baseline intake for the first month and build some solid habits. Track a few meals, try a few recipes and see how your current intake matches up. It is about the process so do not worry about being perfect with each meal.


  1. This is where we want to change your calories based on your output
  2. From the dropdown menu choose the type of training day / session you are performing and it will alter your intake. 
  3. This allows you to have flexibility and start to really build a sustainable plan.

Remember this is a starting point. 




Now you have your calorie targets, breakdowns and meal suggestions it is time to dive right in.

  • The calculator provides meal examples so just click on the relevant tab in the recipe section and choose some of the recipes.
  • Use the sample meal plans to give you an idea of how much to be eating.
  • Track some of your current meals using Myfitnesspal or a plain old pen and paper

Please take a look at the FAQ section if you have any questions.