Areas to focus on with your plan

Now you have your nutrition guide downloaded and ready to go, this section is going to provide further info in how to get the most out of it. 

It is crucial that you join the Facebook group as this is where we will be hosting a tonne of info / lectures / webinars on how to get the most out of the plan.


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As with any nutrition plan the pH Nutrition guides provides a STARTING POINT. 

The first point we always want you to start with is the structure. Get the meal timings nailed down as this will make it so much easier going forward to refine your plan. 

If you are inconsistent with eating times it becomes difficult to assess progress. 


Everyone needs a plan. If you think you can wing it and make progress you are wrong. After you have got the structure nailed you need to write down or record your meals. The meal plan options provide guidance and some recipe ideas for you to get started. Use the recipe section on the site also!

Use the meal planner in the macro calculator download to plan or just write on a notepad and stick on the fridge, take a picture for your phone, wherever!

Doing this provides guidance so you don't get to dinner, open the fridge and be like "hmmmmm what do I fancy to eat..(whilst munching on leftovers)"

Adapt to your lifestyle

Remember we don't expect you to be following the plan 100% of the time. If you love your steak and chips every Saturday night then keep it in - just adapt to the plan. 

You could roast some wedges instead of frying chips. Have a rump steak instead of a ribeye. This will help to reduce the calorie load and allow for that feeling of a treat. 

This is where TRACKING YOUR FOOD is recommended. You only need to enter your current meals in once or twice and you can gauge the calories and macronutrient make up of them. This then allows for you to manipulate them to fit the meal structure and plan :)

There is a section on this later in the membership site which explains different methods and how to effectively track your intake

Always follow the principles

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You may be thinking "man this all seems to much work, it's too much to do and think about". Remember it's about progression. Making small changes and using the support of the group and ensuring you are tracking your progress we will be able to get you on track!

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