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Our members site is a hub providing you with all the tools and guidance to take your health and performance to the next level.

Tired of jumping from one diet to another?

Struggle to know what to eat to fuel your training? 



We have worked with over 1000 clients ranging from CrossFit games athletes to first time members.

We have used this experience and created a performance nutrition hub so you can reach your goals


What do you get?

+ Fat loss & Strength diet templates

Our diet templates provide you with calorie and macro targets tailored to your goal, lifestyle and training schedule.

Simple to follow step by step instructions allow you to have a clear structure to work towards your goals.

+ Online nutrition courses via our app

We have a library of nutrition courses for you to follow. All courses are delivered through our coaching app.

In these courses you have access to your own nutrition coach to guide you through!

  • Fat loss fundamentals

  • Strength fundamentals

  • 7 day meal prep

  • How to maximise your recovery

  • Our 4 week gut healing course and many more!

+ Downloads, resources & video library

Get access to our selection of nutrition guides, video library and ever expanding resource section.

These provide you with practical advice to supplement your nutrition plan.

+ Categorised recipes and monthly meal plans

Recipes are great, we all need more of them….but knowing WHEN to eat them and HOW to fit to your plan is the hard part.

We categorise our recipes into training and anytime meals so you can fit to your plan easily!

+ Weekly Q&A's

Our weekly Q@A training sessions and Facebook live videos are a great way to get access to our nutrition coaches and answer all your questions.

Our members community provides you with support, accountability and a place to ask questions, share recipes and progress with other people and similar situations

Who is this for?

✔ First time members through to competitive athletes

✔ Anyone wanting to lose fat, fuel their performance and be healthier 

✔ Those that want a sustainable nutrition plan

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So what is the process?

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Sign up and complete the form

When signing up you will be asked to answer a few quick questions. This is so we find out a little more about you and your goals. We can then direct you through the members site to content that suits you.

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Access the members site

After successfully signing up, you will be granted access to the membership site.

This includes access to all our diet templates, recipe packs, courses, resources, downloads and video library.

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Join the community

Support and accountability is essential for making progress with your nutrition.

Through our app, the nutrition courses, the Facebook group and member Q&A, we have an incredible community to support you every step of the way.

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Get results

Whether it is losing that excess body fat, trying to hit that 100kg snatch or crushing your Fran time we have the tools to help you achieve it.

Access monthly recipe and meal plan eBooks, a huge downloadable resource section and much more!



Only £240 for the entire YEAR!

No sign up fee. No contract.


Need a little more info?

+ How much is it

The members site is £240 per year. This is to be paid in full. So if you can justify £20 a month we would love to have you on board! You can cancel anytime no strings attached.

If you have been on one of our courses or personalised coaching packages you will have received a discount code. Make sure you use it!

+ What are the diet templates

The diet templates are structured nutrition plans allowing you to calculate your exact calories, macros and meal breakdowns. Follow the pathway and use the resources on the site to support your progress.

These do require some knowledge of tracking your food.

+ Are there meal plans and recipes

Yes! We have a members recipe and meal plan eBook for you to download each month. 12 new recipes with a sample meal plan, shopping list and bonus material!

Additionally, our main recipe page is categorised based on breakfast, main meals, snacks and broken into our system of TRAINING and ANYTIME meals. This is continually growing and we add recipes from members as well!

+ Do I have to track and count calories

Not if you don’t want to. The members site will provide you with options to use specific calories and macros, a hand based portion guide or just fitting recipes to your plan!

You need to have structure and an understanding of energy balance and how much you are eating but the method of which you do that can vary.

+ I don't do CrossFit can I sign up

Absolutely. The members site does have a CrossFit bias but we work with clients that train at F45, normal gyms and other functional fitness studios.

Our philosophy of nutrition doesn’t change, it is just about personalising it to your lifestyle and training.

+ Why should I choose this members site

We have worked with over 1000 clients, ranging from new members to CrossFit games athletes. Our staff are highly educated and have extensive experience in elite sport, body fast loss, sports nutrition and functional medicine.

We know finding trusted nutrition advice can be a minefield. We don’t advocate a specific diet. We want to help you find what works for you. We want to you use the site and our knowledge to get a sustainable nutrition plan in place. Remove the decision stress of what, how and when to eat and supercharge your health and performance.


 Join the team!

£240 for the entire YEAR

No sign up fee. No contract.


If you need any further advice please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team

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