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A hub of nutrition knowledge that provides everything you need to maximise your health and performance

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We have created a site that is dedicated to helping you supercharge your performance whilst setting up a SUSTAINABLE nutrition plan. 

  • Do you struggle to know what to eat to fuel your training? 


  • Need advice on how to structure your nutrition specific to your goal? 


  • Need recipes that are simple and fuel your training?


  • Want advice from nutritionists who have worked with hundreds of CrossFit members and athletes?


This is exactly what we have created with the site

✔ The exact step by step strategy that is designed to suit your goal

✔ How to set up your plan to match your training intensity

 ✔ The support and accountability to keep you going when the road gets tough

 ✔ And most importantly… A personalised approach that fits your lifestyle


What is included


As well as your nutrition plan we have a tonne of info to help you maximise your performance


We work with CrossFit games athletes to first time members. We have used this experience and created this site to allow you to reach your potential


✔ A dedicated members area loaded with amazing content

✔ Resources to help make it easy to get your nutrition on point. 

✔ Calorie and macro calculator with breakdowns for each goal and training times.

✔ Recipe database categorised to fit your meal plan. Monthly downloadable recipe pack.

✔ Monthly habit series to educate and empower you to set up your nutrition plan long term.

✔ Members joining pack loaded with discounts and benefits!


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A comprehensive nutrition plan targeted to your goal


✔ A clear step by step guide to implementing the plan including reviews with our coaches 

✔ An interactive performance tracker, measurement guides and video guides

We are here with you all the way...

✔ We have a team of experienced nutrition experts that will guide you all the way

✔ Advice on any issue that you have with your nutrition - practical advice to help you achieve your goal

✔ Regular Facebook live videos, check ins with our coaches and access to our private group

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Building habits to supercharge your performance

✔ Each month we work on a specific area of nutrition. Ranging from RECOVERY to SLEEP to MEAL PREP & GUT HEALTH.

✔ These key areas of nutrition will help progress your nutrition plan

✔ Regular Facebook live videos, check ins with our coaches and access to our private group

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Specific sections foto give you the tools to crush your workouts

✔ What to eat for training in the morning, daytime, evening or double sessions

✔ Sections on nutrition for specific classes - engine, weightlifting, gymnastics, strength

✔ Specific advice for vegan nutrition, the female athlete, injury nutrition & competitions

✔ Supplementation section


Ready to take your health and performance to the next level?