It's what you do on average that counts

Hey team!

I am just back from Berlin where I was watching the CrossFit Europe regionals. We had 3 current pH Nutrition athletes competing with one being staff member Lucy Majury! All in all we had worked with 7 athletes in some capacity who competed and the aim now is to have a team plus more individual athletes next year. 

Anyway...after too many beers and cinnamon buns I thought it would be the correct time to put out some info on eating off plan when travelling. 

Holidays ruin diets and diets ruin holidays right?! Well what we need to do is ensure we have the knowledge to be able to factor these in and not have to "reset" after each trip. 

Here is a quick video on some very simple strategies alongside a presentation on focusing on the long term picture opposed to beating yourself up after eating that last slice of pizza. 

Liam HolmesComment