We understand that it can be a big shift when starting a new nutrition plan.

We have given you a lot of info we know, but here is where we go through the step by step process and make things super easy to follow!

+ Week 1

During the first week it is simply about getting your initial nutrition in place. Book mark the members homepage and familiarise yourself with the different areas of the site. Anytime you come to the main site there will be a little log in button at the bottom of the screen.

So let's get started! 

  • Download your start guide specific for your goal (fat loss, wellness, strength).

  • Use the macro calculator to get your calorie and macro targets. Make a note in the tracker or enter into myfitnesspal.

  • Take measurements - we have given you a measurement guide on the home page.

Go to your homepage and get started!

+ Week 2

Now you have got your calorie and macronutrient targets and taken a look around the site we can really start to build your plan. 

  • Download the meal plan that fits your calorie target. This is a great way to understand how much food you need to be eating and gives you a starting point to work from.

  • Start tracking a few meals. This is a great way to get an idea of how your current meals match to the targets.

  • Try to be consistent with the meal structure. A regular pattern of eating is a key element to making progress. It is often one of the biggest areas that halts progress. CrossFit is intense and we need to be fuelling and refuelling our training sessions.

If you do not want to track that is not a problem at all! What we advise is to follow the meal structure and correlate the recipes to fit this. So if it says "protein and carb" at breakfast then head over to the recipe page and use a recipe that matches.

Structure is a HUGE area of focus. We advocate a regular pattern of eating for specific reasons. Read the principles and why the plan is set up this way articles on your home pages.

+ Week 3

Now we have performed an "assessment" we can move onto personalising the plan.

  • Read the timing of training article and implement some of the advice. A key element of this membership site is to create a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle. To achieve this we need to personalise it to your lifestyle.

  • Read the food guide and download the food list infographics that will help you further understand the confusing world of macronutrients!

  • Download the recipe pack and trial a couple of the recipes. Start to build some go to meals that really work for you.

+ Week 4

In week 4 we want you to do one thing and one thing only...

  • Identify where your "weak area" is. This could be breakfast or your post workout evening meal. Change this and be consistent in implementing it for the following week.

We want to make small changes that will have a big effect.

Month 1 is all about building your baseline. We want to get a calorie target and meal structure that works for you.