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We understand that it can be a big shift when starting a new nutrition plan. We have given you a lot of info we know, but here is where we go through the step by step process and make things super easy to follow!



Use the calculator to get your calorie and macro targets. Make a note in the tracker or enter into myfitnesspal.


Follow the meal plate guide for each day. Correlate to when you train. Use some of the recipes and make small adjustments to current meals. Do not try and change everything in your current set up!


Take measurements - we have given you a measurement guide on the home page.


Use the tracker to monitor your progress. Enjoy some of the recipes. Enjoy having a structure to follow and enjoy your training!


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During the first month it is about making small changes. During this month we need to be consistent and commit to the plan. If we don't, it is hard for us to adjust and make progress. Remember the first month you have a lot of new info. KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

  • Each week review your tracker and see how you felt in training, energy levels etc.
  • Make small changes to ensure you are following the meal structure. If you are tracking your food then read this article.
  • Identify where your "weak area" is. This could be breakfast or your post workout evening meal. Change this and be consistent in implementing it for the following week. 
Focus on these 3 things and use the content of the membership site to help improve your CrossFit performance.
Read some of the articles on the membership site and get involved in the Facebook community.

At the end of each month we offer the opportunity for us to review your plan and tracker