Month 2

Crushed it in the first month? Found it a struggle? However you have performed we can adjust and progress your plan.

Month 2 is about progressing your plan and moving towards a more performance focus. Assess and progress!

+ Week 1

Select the calorie targets that match your output.

After following the baseline macro targets for 1 month we now want to correlate your intake to your output. This allows for flexibility in your nutrition plan. What you need to do is - 

  • Assess which calorie target best fits your current training set up.

  • Choose this from the drop down and follow for 3 weeks out of the month. This doesn't have to be 3 weeks in a row. Just any 3 weeks.

  • Then do 1 week at baseline.

How you split this up over the month is up to you. 

We want to increase your intake to fuel your CrossFit training. But it has to be aligned with your output. Following baseline for 1 week a month is advised as a "maintenance" week. Use this on your de-load or recovery week.

Now we understand that it may be a scary thing to add a little more food in! Especially if we are following the fat loss set up. However it is crucial to commit to the process. We need to identify what works for you in the first 2 months. We need to see if eating a little more will help accelerate your progress (we see this all the time with clients). It is ESSENTIAL you do this. 

Examples of nutrition plan set up for month 2

Male, 32 years old, trains 5 times per week. Goal is to increase strength and gain 2kg of muscle. Followed baseline for 1 month. Training schedule - 

macro table.001.jpeg
  • Monday - WOD

  • Tuesday - Weightlifting

  • Wednesday - Engine

  • Thursday - Rest

  • Friday - WOD

  • Saturday - Team WOD

  • Sunday - Active recovery / cycling / swimming / climbing.

Using the table he would need to follow the MODERATE TRAINING WEEK. So his plan for month 2 would like something like this -

  • Week 1 - Moderate training week

  • Week 2 - Moderate training week

  • Week 3 - Moderate training week

  • Week 4 - Baseline

We would assess how it felt eating a little more, whether energy levels were increased, training performance was better and how our measurements changed. It is from here we can progress and personalise :)

Female 27 years old, trains 3 times per week. Does a 5k run on the weekend. Wanting to lose 3kg of fat. She followed baseline fat loss for 1 month. Lost 2kg in first 3 weeks but has plateaued slightly. 

Using the table she would need to follow the LIGHT TRAINING WEEK. So her plan would like something like this -

  • Week 1 - Light training week

  • Week 2 - Light training week

  • Week 3 - Baseline

  • Week 4 - Light training week

Even though she is "training" 4 times a week with the run (which should be moderate training), she is wanting to lose body fat so having a slightly lower calorie target will help. Also a 5k is not as intense as a 60 minute HIIT or CrossFit class. 

Tasks for this week.

  • Get your new targets and start to manipulate your meals. Use a new meal plan or make small additions to your current nutrition plan to correlate to the breakdowns. 

  • Identify when you will take a baseline week. Plan this in.

  • Crush training. Slightly higher intake = more energy = better training (which will burn more calories and create a better stimulus for adaptation).

What if you haven't made progress in the 1st month? Don't be disheartened, we are setting up your plan for long term sustainability. You need to commit to the process as this will allow you to identify what works for you. Be honest with yourself as there may have been other factors that have played a role in limiting progress. 

If you have been following the different calorie targets already then you can jump to week 2! However ensure you plan a baseline week in during this month. 

If you have any questions reach out to us on the Facebook group or check out the FAQ section. 

+ Week 2

We really want to start to focus on nutrient timing now. Remember we are working our way up the pyramid!

CrossFit is a glycolytic sport (meaning that it is high intensity and requires us to use glycogen (stored carbohydrates) as a primary fuel source. A common thing we see with members is that of "just getting through" training sessions. Nutrient timing is using food to maximise our energy during training and taking advantage of the post workout window to refuel. 

This is why for almost all sessions we want to consume protein and carbohydrates post workout. When we exercise our muscle cells are more sensitive to absorbing nutrients (protein and carbs). They become more "insulin sensitive". We want to take advantage of this and refuel...even if we are looking to lean out and lose body fat. 

Now we don't need to be chugging a shake within 10 seconds of dropping the barbell. Consuming a meal or shake containing protein and carbohydrates within 45 minutes - 1 hour post workout is advised.

So this month we want to nail our post workout nutrition and ensure we are refuelling ready to crush the next session. 

Tasks for this week.

  • Identify what your current pre and post workout nutrition routine is. Are you getting caught chasing your nutrition 30 minutes before the WOD? Or are you going into sessions under fuelled due to lack of preparation? MAKE THIS A PRIORITY TO FUEL YOUR SESSIONS.

  • Post workout - ensure you are following the advice on your meal plan, use the timing of training series and refuel efficiently. 

  • Check out the FAQ section as we have tried to answer common queries.

+ Week 3

This week we are focusing on nutrition for specific sessions. Should you change your intake depending on the TYPE of session? 

  • Read the article series on nutrition for specific sessions. Implement some of the pointers from here that resonate with you.

  • Make sure you are implementing the advice specific for your goal. The start guide has some diet principles so ensure you haven't slipped back into any bad habits. Check back over the food guide.

When we work with clients we ask them about all areas of their performance - not just body composition. Be aware of how your energy levels are, your mood, your sleep and if you have hit any PB's this month. If you have then GREAT, keep doing what you are doing!

Tasks for this week.

  • Make one or two small adjustments to your plan after reading the specific sessions. 

  • Keep it simple.

  • Meal prep a new recipe. 

+ Week 4

In week 4 of month 2 we want you to repeat your measurements again. 

Take pictures and repeat any body composition measurements you have done. If you want to send them to us or tag us in on Instagram feel free! We would love to see your progress.

Next month we start to delve into the key areas of more than calories and macros! We will have built a solid baseline diet and started to see some progress. We will show you how to progress your nutrition plan alongside the different topics. Next month it is one of our favourite topics.....RECOVERY.