We know there are a million recipe websites but knowing when and what to eat is the stumbling block we see all the time. So with our recipe packs we have -

  • Provided you with meal plans based on when you train

  • Designed meal plans for FAT LOSS and STRENGTH

  • Categorised the meals so you can fit them to your goal

And each one has a MyFitnessPal barcode to scan! No more entering a million ingredients! Woohoo!!!

You will receive access each month to a new recipe pack.


recipe pack 1 and 2.001.jpeg

Pack 1 recipes and meal plan

A few highlights include the bounty oats, the turkey stir fry and the baked sweet potato with feta and pomegranates!

recipe pack 1 and 2.002.jpeg

Pack 2 recipes and meal plan

A few highlights include the chicken and hoisin rice, the almond energy balls and the pancakes…of course!

recipe pack 3.001.jpeg

Pack 3 recipes and meal plan

So many good recipes in this pack!! Heuvos rancheros, almond banana pancakes, slow cooker fajita chicken and moroccan cod are a few highlights.

recipe pack 4 image.001.jpeg

Pack 4 recipes and meal plan

An Argentinian burger, sweet potato sag aloo and 3 awesome breakfast recipes….oh yeah! And of course the obligatory sweet options include a coconut custard and a coffee protein smoothie.

recipe pack 5.001.jpeg

Pack 5 recipes and meal plan

The beef and black bean tacos, some caramel muffins and some awesome breakkie options!

recipe pack 6.001.jpeg

Pack 6 recipes and plan

Some highlights include some broccoli and bacon pancakes, steamed meatballs, some . chicken nuggets and brownies!