When Greg Glassman developed the CrossFit methodology he put nutrition at the base of the pyramid. The single most important part to start your CrossFit journey was getting your nutrition in place.

However, too often we see people disregard nutrition and focus their attention on other areas. This section will explain why nutrition is the foundation to CrossFit....and other areas of our lives

We hear things about nutrition ALLLLLLL the time, however how many of us really take note and have a structured plan, or even just some guidelines we follow in terms of nutrition? 

We all know that we need to have our nutrition in place to maximise our performance and health.....don't we??


We follow a plan for training...why not nutrition?

CrossFit is one of the most intense activities you can participate in. However in our experience we see far too often people disregarding the importance of nutrition.


You have taken it upon yourself to get ahead and educate yourself in why you need sound nutrition for CrossFit performance.

Common things we hear in CrossFit with regard to nutrition

I train all the time so it doesn't matter what I eat

I can't eat that I am strict paleo

You don't need carbs for CrossFit

I don't eat that as it doesn't fit my macros

These are conversations we want to eliminate. It is not to say they are wrong...it is just about context!


Over the membership site we are going to educate you on how to set your nutrition plan up. We are not preaching you follow a specific diet as we know that nutrition is a N=1 equation. 


With CrossFit we can all be guilty of following the crowd or listening to someone at the gym and think that we NEED to be doing what they are doing. Maybe we do...but they may have tried and tested numerous things to arrive at what works for them.