pH Nutrition Coaching

We currently offer one-on-one nutrition consultations in our clinics based at CrossFit Shapesmiths & CrossFit Bold in South West London. 

Our coaching service is ideal for anyone who is...

  • Wanting to get their nutrition on point to maximise their gym membership
  • Training for an event such as 10km, triathlon or CrossFit competition
  • Looking to lose some body fat
  • Wanting to get in shape for an event such as weddings or holidays
  • Looking to improve energy levels through the day
  • Simply wanting to improve overall health and wellbeing

6 month Package



The Ultimate package is for people wanting long term success with their nutrition and are dedicated to achieve results.

This is ideal for Competitive athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.

  • 6 face to face consultations
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Nutrition tracker
  • Online support
  • Benefits of other packages

3 Month package



If you're looking for accountability and support to keep your nutrition on point, then the standard package is ideal.

Whether you're a general gym goer wanting to maximise your results or you're training for a specific event, this package is perfect for you

  • 4 face to face consultations
  • Body composition tracking
  • Periodised nutrition plan
  • Accountability check-ins
  • Nutrition tracker
  • Online support

Single consultation



Created for those who have completed one of our packages and need a revised plan. Additionaly for interpretation of any test results (i.e DNA FIT)

  • Body compostion measurements
  • In depth nutrition analysis
  • Detailed meal & food plan
  • Bespoke nutrition booklet
  • 2 week online follow up

With all of the packages you will receive

  • A comprehensive nutritional assessment and analysis
  • An interactive meal and training planner
  • A bespoke 8 page nutrition plan that includes a clearly defined path of progression towards your targets.
  • Meal plans, macronutrient levels and supplementation that are periodised to give you structure with your nutrition.
  • Access to discounted supplements and nutrition products 
  • Email/messenger support
  • Food diary analysis
  • Regular check-ins to track progress, troubleshoot any issues and modify your plan.
  • Shopping lists, recipes, product links and education documents and much more!

Click here for a sample nutrition plan

Money Back Guarantee - we believe in what we do and know that if you follow our advice, you will resolve results. If not, all our packages come with a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your results, we will refund you your money. No questions asked. (Terms and conditions apply)