Can I confess something?

We are not the leanest / most ripped / jacked people out there

Just because someone can get lean and strong themselves doesn’t mean they know how to help someone else do it.

We are just regular members at our boxes.

We have all been the newbie

We have all been the person who finds the workout much harder than everyone else

When I recruit my staff I need them to have had these experiences


So they understand what is like when you go through the same struggles

It allows them to provide guidance and support when times get tough.

Because there will be times when it gets a little tricky!

Having this support is a KEY part of what we do.


Can I tell you a short story?

When I first started doing CrossFit I was fairly fit.

But even with an abundance of knowledge on nutrition, my development was stunted.

It is because this type of training is unique. I mean who else gets up at 5am to chuck a barbell over their head?!

I was sore most days

I had times where I felt like I had no energy in training.

I knew something had to change as I was paying a lot of money to train!

The requirements to perform functional fitness are slightly different than running on a treadmill.

Over the past 3 years I have tried and tested numerous methods to fuel our clients.

And we got super detailed with our nutrition plans.

But guess what?

As great as our plans were they just weren’t easy to follow.

Nutrition shouldn’t be complicated.

So I made it my mission to develop a SIMPLE program that allowed people to lead a normal life whilst improving their training performance. 

It’s now broken down into our program that is drip fed to ensure you achieve the results you are really looking for

It is delivered by our talented team of nutrition coaches (AJ, Marta, Patricia and Lucy)

Who provide UNRIVALLED support….because why should you know how to build your own nutrition plan?!

So if you finally want to stop torturing yourself with a different generic diet plan every 2 months and enjoy a nutrition plan that works around your lifestyle, click the link below to sign up.

Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 16.39.54.png

6 week fat loss.001.jpeg

6 week fat loss


6 week strength.001.jpeg

6 week strength



Still not convinced?

Let me show you a little sneak peak of what is included