2017 lets do this!

Everyone sick of cheese, gin, chocolate and christmas pud?! The start of the year is obvioulsy a great time to set some targets and dial in your nutrition and training. When getting 'back on track' follow these points to help make it as easy as possible. 


Don't try to do everything at once

Trying to overhaul your nutrition, increase your training and improve your lifestyle habits all at once is demanding! What you need to do is identify the area that will make the biggest effect. So if you already exercise regularly but know that your diet could be improved then target this in the first few weeks. Form some good habits and build from there. Trying to make sweeping changes to all areas is a recipe for long term failure. 

Habit form

It takes around 66 days to make a habit stick (apparently), so starting to implement some habits now is essential if you want to make progress over the year. Simple things such as

  • Drinking more water over the day
  • Eating veg at most meals
  • Removing fizzy drinks and deep fried food
  • Planning and prepping some meals

Once you make these things habits it is easier to build on and become more specific. Planning is a crucial part of making your new years resolutions stick. EVERYONE NEEDS A PLAN! This doesn't have to be a 10 page nutrition and training plan but something simple. A little structure can really help you achieve your goals.

Seek advice, support and accountability

Don't think you can do this all by yourself. Get the advice of trained professionals, of people who you trust and use this to ensure you stay on track. With nutrition in particular there is soooooo much info available and how the hell are you meant to know what is best! Working with a nutritionist, making sure you hit your number of training sessions per week or buddying up with a friend will all help hold you accountable. If you are not accountable you will not make long term progress. And this is what its all about hey?! Not just for January. 

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