3 recipes to make this week

Fish tacos

tacos, fish tacos

These are so easy to make and considerably better than deep fried versions. You won't believe how good these taste!!


For the fish
- 2 salmon fillets - cut into chunky strips
- 2 white fish fillets - cut into chunky strips
- Panko breadcrumbs
- Paprika / salt / pepper
- 1 egg beaten
- coconut oil / Olive oil

For the gaucamole
- 2 large avocados
- half a punnet of baby plum tomatoes - chopped into slices
- 1 red onion - finely diced
- 1 red chilli - finely diced
- Juice of 2 limes
- a few dashes of Tabasco

- 4 tablespoons skyr yoghurt
- 1 teaspoon chipotle paste
- bunch of fresh coriander

- sliced red and white cabbage
- tortillas


- Cut the avocado into cubes and mix with all other ingredients for the gaucamole. Season to Taste
- Blend the yoghurt, some lime juice, chipotle paste and coriander together and place in a bowl.
- Place egg wash in a bowl and spread the breadcrumbs on a plate - season well. 
- Heat some oil in a non stick pan. 
- Dunk the fish in the egg and press into breadcrumbs. 
- Place fish into the pan and cook on each side for around 2 minutes. Or until golden. 
- Using a fish slice remove and place on a warm plate.
- Cook the rest of the fish off

Now build your taco!! Fish, shredded cabbage, gauc, chipotle yoghurt DONE!! 


Green Pea Fritters

Makes 6-8
Time it takes: 15 minutes

*500g cooked green peas (if using frozen allow to cool after cooking. Place in fridge for 15 mins).
*2 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley
*1 teaspoon chopped mint
*2 large free range eggs
*Zest 1 lemon
*150 g ricotta
*1 1/2  tablespoons coconut flour
*Pinch of sea salt and pepper

- Smash the green peas roughly using a masher. Make sure to keep it chunky as this is not a puree.
- Combine the smashed peas into a bowl with parsley, egg, lemon zest and coconut flour. The coconut flour will thicken the mix and allow it to hold it’s shape when cooking.
- Season with salt and pepper then taste to check.
- Add the ricotta last, smashing it through the pea fritter batter – make sure to leave nice chunky bits of ricotta through the mix.
- Heat a pan over a low heat with a little coconut oil. 
- Make balls of pea fritter mixture and place into the pan. Squidge down with a fish slice to make burger size patty.
- It’s important to cook them over a low gentle heat on each side until golden and cooked through

-I served this with some salad, avocado, homemade houmous and topped it with a poached egg.  

Buddha Bowl

In the summer months these are an awesome way to get lots of nutrient dense foods in one meal. Super quick to make and so versatile. 

buddha bowl

Click Here for a great step by step guide to making a buddha bowl.

My favourite buddha bowl at the moment is a Mexican buddha bowl with sweet potato, black beans, peppers, shredded chicken, lettuce and spicy chipotle 'mayo'