5 nutrition tips for surviving the Xmas period

Ahhhh the festive season. Mulled wine, chocolates, work nights out with half a tonne of mini burgers, it can all be too much. Here is some advice on how to manage your nutrition during this period.

Manage your excess.

Don't let one purple quality street turn into an empty box. It is fine to be a little more relaxed with your nutrition but you need to employ some self control. Enjoy a dessert with your evening meal but you don't need to have seconds and then the leftovers for lunch the next day. If you know your are going to have a big feast or a big night out then be disciplined in the time leading up to this. Get in credit which will enable you to fully enjoy the event!

You can also be smart when knowing there is potential to eat off plan. Lower your calories over the day so you can indulge slightly at a social event. HOWEVER MAKING DRASTIC CHANGES SUCH AS ONLY EATING 400 CALORIES OVER THE DAY SO YOU CAN EAT 1500 AT DINNER IS NOT ADVISED!

Lower your main meals in the day by 100 kcal and you will ave a 300 - 400 kcal buffer for the evening.

Do some glycogen depleting training

Training with high intensity and volume will deplete muscle glycogen levels. You can use the increased carbohydrate intake to your advantage. Depleting muscle glycogen will ensure that the majority of the carbs you are eating will be used to replenish your energy stores opposed to being stored as body fat. Here is 6 ways to train low - http://bit.ly/train-low

Eat protein and fat first


How you eat your meals can make a big difference in the way the food is digested and stored in your body.

Fill your plate with veggies, protein, fats and carbs - AND EAT IN THAT ORDER!

Doing this will reduce the amount of starchy carbs you put on your plate. Pile that turkey high!! Less room for the goose fat potatoes.

If you eat your protein, veggies and fats before your carbs you lower the glycemic response of the meal. I mean this is a tip that we really do not expect you to really implement in your Xmas dinner! But useful to know :)

Eat before the work night out

Canopies, finger food and set menus. These are the devils for keeping your nutrition on point. Too easy to overeat with minimal nutritional value. My trick....eat a fibre and protein rich meal before you head out. M & S superfood salad or a homemade mint and avocado chocolate smoothie. This will reduce the urge to mindlessly snack.

Xmas specific supplements

Support the liver (number one priority) and taking certain nutrients to maintain body composition can be extremely helpful. Eating more of these foods can help support liver function - http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/liver-cleanse-foods/

Adding a digestive enzyme in can help you to breakdown the food you are eating. Genetic supplements optimum enzymes are by far and the best product on the market in my opinion.

With most of the clients we work with trying to employ the 80/20 rule is advised. Be on your plan for 80% of the time. 20% you can be more relaxed.


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