Eat the seasons

Before we started importing goods from all over the world so we can eat anything all year round people ate seasonal produce. You could only some fruits at specific times of the year and animals were reared and eaten on rotation. So why should we eat the seasons now we can eat anything we want anytime of the year?!

Food quality

Wherever you live if you eat the seasonal produce the chances of the food being fresher and local will be considerably higher. Minimising transport time will ensure that the nutrients and quality of the produce is maintained. If you live in England just imagine how long before you see it that the blueberry was picked in South America. What happens to that fruit as soon as it's picked? It starts to degrade. Now instead if you waited until the spring / summer months and ate a blueberry or raspberry grown in Kent how much better do you think the produce will be? This leads to the next point...

Nutrient density 

If a food naturally grows at a specific time of the year it means that the it's meant to be eaten at that time of the year. Whatever the food contains the levels will be higher during the time it's meant to grow in the wild. More nutrients, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols = a healthier you.

Food intolerance's

Eating seasonal forces you to employ food rotation. Repeat exposure to the same foods can contribute to food intolerances. This can range from low inflammation to more severe reactions.


Every time you eat it is a chance to nourish your body. Every food contains a different blend of nutrients. Maximise your exposure to as many as possible. Long term success with nutrition involves a number of good habits and changing it up from chicken, sweet potato and broccoli will help supercharge your health.

Check out this awesome site for an interactive eat seasonably calendar.

One of the best sites for seasonal recipes is river ford organic.


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