How you eat - why so important?

Everyone goes on about the QUALITY of food.

What you eat is obviously so important. But if you are not getting the most out of the food you are eating then you are missing a trick.

HOW you eat is crucial to areas such as digestion, muscle gain, fat loss, intermittent fasting and basically getting the most nutrients out of your food.

If you struggle with any of the above or follow a fasting protocol then the links below may really help. I have compiled a short list of some interesting articles and podcasts to help you improve how you eat.

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Chewing your food

This article highlights the importance of chewing, and doesn’t just give you the stock response of “chew your food 30 times before swallowing”.

This article is particularly important for those who are on Ramadan, practice intermittent fasting or have issues digestion.


Rest and digest - create the right environment

“You are what you eat.” Actually a more accurate statement should be “You are how you digest what you eat.”  This is because your digestion is directly linked to your health and well-being in every way. And your digestion is facilitated by the powerful autonomic nervous system.

There are specific functions that each of your nervous systems must perform effectively in order for your body to process and utilise the food you eat. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) work along with glands and hormones in your body. Together, they play an essential role in how well your digestive system performs.

The parasympathetic nervous symptom is designed to produce the “rest and digest”, among other responses, in your body. Life in general, CrossFit, relationships and work can put us in a state of sympathetic dominance. This is not ideal for optimal digestion!

Create a calm, relaxed environment when you eat and take your time.


Order of eating

Eating your food in a specific way may help with fat loss. I mean this is something to not really consider if you have to make the decision of fries before the burger.

But interesting reading none the less.


Post workout nutrition

Chug a shake post workout…right?? Great podcast that goes into detail about using whole foods compared to liquid nutrition.


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