Our 5 pillars of nutrition

Nutrition is one of the hardest subjects to provide advice on as there are numerous different ‘methods’ that have been popularised. Anyone of us followed the paleo or zone diet? Or maybe we have tried to go low carb for while. 

Inevitably you will have stopped following these methods and gone back to....well...your "normal" way of eating. To really dial things in we need to focus on ‘PRINCIPLES’. Trust us…these are the secret to maximising your health and performance.

At pH Nutrition we have 5 pillars of nutrition that we use. These are the principles that govern how we set up nutrition plans and what we educate people to focus on. Follow these principles to maximise your CrossFit performance.

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Human nutrition is ensuring that most of your meals are from whole food sources, minimally processed and don't come in a shiny tub or wrapper. 

Sports nutrition is something that needs to be a concern if you are competing or start to train more frequently. Focus on nourishing your body everytime you eat and you will supercharge your performance



Focusing on FOOD FIRST is a non negotiable. Before you even think about touching a protein shake or supplement pot you need to have your meal structure and food choices on point.

Our bodies have to deal with an incredible amount of toxins daily - do not give it more work to do buy eating poor quality food or chucking lots of processed bars and powders in.



Do the basics consistently. The simple stuff will have a larger effect on how you progress with your health and CrossFit performance than focusing on the 1%. If it seems too simple - that is good. An example of world class basics is eating enough veg. We underestimate the impact that eating enough vegetables has on health and performance. The intensity of CrossFit means that your body requires more support than the average joe. You need to be supplying it with a variety of nutrients. Adding more vegetables (particularly green veg) into most meals is where you need to start.



You wouldn’t expect to jump straight into the main class and do 30 unbroken muscle ups. You have to develop the base skills and go through the PROCESS of developing strength, mobility and technique. The same goes with nutrition. Focus on the process of improving certain aspects and start to form good habits. Try to keep your nutrition on point for 80% of the week. Allow 20% wiggle room. And try to enjoy the process...remember this is long term!



Don't follow someone else's plan - evolve your own. The key to making your nutrition plan sustainable is to be aware what works for you. There is no one size fits all. A big bowl of porridge may make some people fly through their workouts or others to fall flat on their face with a post meal slump. Once we identify what works for you - your health and performance will sky rocket!

Try to apply these principles to your nutrition plan and really reap the benefits!