Simplifying Nutrition

Want an easy way to structure your nutrition?

If you struggle to decide to what to eat then use this simple method to help guide your nutrition.

For those who have worked with me will be aware of the traffic light system I use to structure meals. It is split into GREEN, YELLOW and RED foods.

The green foods are made up from foods rich in protein, healthy fats and fibre. They are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. They contain foods that are eaten in BLUE ZONES. These are the places that people live the longest in the world. The majority of the foods are high on the inflammation factor, the ORAC scale, Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI) rating and the Naturally Nutrient Rich (NNR) score

The yellow table foods are those that should depending on lifestyle. Those that are more active and exercise regularly can add these in to their diet. They are more calorie dense and contain higher levels of sugars and starchy carbohydrates. The fish in the section should only be eaten a few times a week due to mercury levels. 

The red table foods are off limits. They are the ones that will be contributing to fat gain, poor health, compromised immune function and disease. Limit these foods or remove completely. 

Here is the GREEN TABLE


Here is the YELLOW TABLE


Here is the RED TABLE. 



Focus on eating the majority of your meals using the foods from the GREEN SECTION. This is a GREEN MEAL. It can be eaten anytime. For most people just doing this will have huge benefits to overall energy, sleep and body composition. 


 A YELLOW MEAL consists of more foods from the yellow table and will contain more carbohydrates than a green meal. This should be eaten on days that you train or are more active. 


For example - if you train in the evening then you will eat a GREEN meal for breakfast and lunch and a YELLOW meal for dinner after working out.  

So why structure your nutrition like this? Well think of carbohydrates as petrol and your body as a car. You wouldn't keep trying to fill up on fuel if you haven't driven around much would you? The same goes for carbohydrates. The more active you are the more fuel you need, so fill up the tank! If you are sitting on a tube and a desk for most of the day then eating more GREEN meals is needed. How many meals are needed each day? Well that's something we work on during a consultation. 

What you need to do now

Now you need to start building a recipe list for the different meals. Here are some suggestions to get you started.


A quick and easy tutorial for how to make a delicious jar of chilled overnight oats. Now be creative!!

GREEN MEAL - Turmeric eggs, chia seed and yoghurt pot, smoothie

YELLOW MEAL - Overnight oats, Protein pancakes, salmon and eggs on rye


GREEN MEAL - Spicy salmon and avocado veg salad, M&S style superfood salad

YELLOW MEAL - Buddha bowl, Sushi, LEON chicken and rice bowl


GREEN MEAL - Salmon and veg quinoaTurkey meatballs + veg with seed sprinkle

YELLOW MEAL - Grilled steak and saffron rice, Spanish omelette

Found this helpful? Please share and tag me in any pictures of your meals!!