Simple tips to keep you on track if you haven't prepped food

Sometimes we get caught short and don't have our usual food with us. Follow these 3 tips to guide you in making better choices and staying as close to your plan as possible!


Food quality

The first area you need focus on is food quality. When you haven't prepped food we still want to nourish the body and choosing the option that is the best available.

Foods to avoid

  • Fried or deep fried food

  • Breaded meats and fish

  • Foods with added sugar

  • Foods containing poor quality fats - such as vegetable oils, processed meats, hydrogenated fats (biscuits, cakes etc)

  • Any meal with high amounts of both carbs and fats (pizza for example).

Foods to focus on

  • Lean protein sources (poultry, fish, lean beef, beans)

  • Raw veggies and salads

  • Whole food sources of carbs (potatoes, beans, pulses, squash, veg, fruits)

  • Gluten free grains - rice, quinoa, buckwheat

Some people may recommend to focus on hitting your macros first, but for us food quality comes first. The reason is that this scenario shouldn’t happen often, so choosing an option that is more nutrient dense but is maybe 150 calories away from your targets is fine. You will feel better than eating some crappy food that is fits your macros.

Calories and protein

When buying a meal or a snack do not worry about trying to get the right macro breakdown to the gram. Focus on calories and protein targets first and foremost.

At least you know you won't be too far away from a normal meal if you can get close to these. If you do not know the calories of a meal then picturing the size of your normal meal serving and try and match as close as possible to this. Always air of the side of more veg. 

Stick to the same structure

We often see mindless snacking, overeating or under eating if we are not prepared. Try to stick  to the same structure as you follow on a normal day. 

Try to eat at similar times and have similar meals. Try not to have a huge lunch and no snack if you normally have a lighter lunch and two snacks. 

Your body loves structure and you know this works for you so try to stick to it.

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Useful tips and good products

  • We love M&S for their 3 for £7 range. This is a great way to buy some excellent additions to salads or use them as a snack. They have half a chicken, packets of salmon, anchovy fillets, olives, omelettes and loads more. Excellent to grab your lunch and snacks in one trip.

  • Tesco (and a few other supermarkets) do a Spanish omelette that you can use for any meal or a snack - buy here

  • Simply buying a carrot and pepper and a pot of hummus you have a snack ready to go with no cooking.

  • Fit kitchen are a good option for grab and go meals - only available in Sainsburys though.

  • Sashimi and some sushi can be a great option for a clean, higher carb meal. 

If you have any tips and tricks that you use for when you haven't got a meal then let us know! Put on the Facebook group or email us :)

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Check this out as it has calories and macros of almost every meal from cafes and restaurants.

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