Elite sleep - Case study & recommendation

Any athlete knows how important it is to rest and get your sleep after a busy day's training. But what happens when you struggle to sleep at night either because your brain won't shut off or because you just generally struggle to get shut eye. Over the last month I have been experimenting with the most amazing product I have found on the market at the moment - ELITE SLEEP by GENETIC SUPPLEMENTS.

Genetics are a supplement company who create products based on scientific evidence to help athletes perform to their best. Genetics products contain high quality ingredients which are all tested and safe for athletes to use.

Elite Sleep is a blend of zinc, magnesium and 5 HTP which are all proven to help aid with deep and restful sleep.

It is very important to make sure you have consistently good sleep patterns as sleep is an integral part of recovery after intense exercise. Good sleep can also aid general body balance and fat burning.

Supplementing with elite sleep helps to bring all the most important micro nutrients into your body before falling asleep allowing your body to optimise its rest and recovery time. The supplement market is saturated with poor quality supplements. DON'T waste your money by buying what you see as a cheap deal or value for money before talking to somebody who has knowledge in this area.

Elite sleep contains a unique blend of Magnesium Bisglycinate and Zinc Ortate that are some of the most highly absorbable forms of these nutrients. Alongside the added 5HTP, theanine and b vitamins it is a superb blend to support recovery and regeneration. 

My experience of using elite sleep has been incredible. Before taking elite sleep my sleep pattern was very up and down and I never felt fully rested and recovered.

An example of a night's sleep was

Sleep before 1
Sleep before 2

Examples of sleep after

As you can see the images of my sleep pattern after taking elite sleep are very different to those before. The blue humps are much lower than before although there are higher spikes between 2-3 in image 3 and 3-4 in image 4 this was where I got up out of bed to go to the toilet. Upon waking now I feel fully rested and full of energy for the day - very different to before.   

Sleep after 1
Sleep after 2

Want to find out why sleep is so important? Read this article on 10 reasons why you need to optimise your sleep. 

This product is highly recommended for those training late evening

Genetics are a brand that we trust highly at pH Nutrition as they produce some of the highest quality products currently available. ELITE SLEEP is no exception.