We have built this pathway to give you a guide on how to best use the site to get your nutrition plan in place.

Get your baseline plan in place


✔ Get your calorie and macronutrient targets

✔ Follow the targets for weeks 1 - 4 in the templates

✔ Track your intake and focus on hitting calorie targets

✔ Use the recipe pack and meal structure sheets to get used to our meal system

Assess and progress


✔ Progress to weeks 5 - 8 in your template.

✔ Focus on hitting macronutrient targets

✔ Focus on making small changes each week

✔ Read the timing of training article and trial new options

✔ Download how to hit your macros PDF



✔ Drop back to initial targets.

✔ Focus on habit forming. Consistency with hitting your targets

✔ Use the recipe packs to maintain variety

✔ Then after one week increase your intake to fuel your training!

New goals


✔ Message us to book in a review on your goals

✔ Set a new baseline and get new calorie and macro targets

✔ Download recovery guide and work on maximising your recovery

Key areas and consistency


✔ Work with us on key areas such as sleep, gut health, energy levels and immune function

✔ Access competition nutrition guides

✔ Keep progressing your plan using new recipe packs and meal plans

✔ Access the group and use the knowledge of our coaching team!