Quick spicy tomato meatballs with cauliflower rice

Using soup as the sauce can cut down time without cutting flavour


PREP TIME - 10 mins

COOK - 20-22 mins



  • 1 pot tomato and basil soup

  • 6 beef meatballs

  • 250g cauliflower (1 small)

  • 1 courgette

  • Coconut oil

  • 1 x teaspoons of parmasan


  1. In a large saucepan fry meatballs for 6 minutes until slightly browned.

  2. Whack the soup in the pan and put the lid on. Leave to simmer for 12 minutes. Stir every 6 minutes

  3. Cut the cauliflower and blitz in food processor (or grate)

  4. Finely chop the courgette

  5. Heat non stick pan up on hob and fry the courgette in a little coconut oil for 5 minutes

  6. Add the cauliflower and fry for 6- 8 minutes

  7. Check the meatballs by cutting in half and checking if cooked. The sauce should of thickened slightly. If not take lid off and cook until desired thickness.

  8. Serve with grated parmesan

2 Servings

Per serving - 480 KCAL

33g PRO


30g FAT