Tandoori chicken with turmeric veggie rice

Meal prep this for a damn tasty meal loaded with veggies and health boosting spices. 

Unless you have the chopping skills of a michelin star chef using a food processor is going to save alot of time. 



PREP - Food processor - 5 mins - chopping - more time!

COOK - 35 minutes

  • 600g Chicken, thighs - skinless and boneless

  • 3x large carrots

  • 300g Brown rice, basmati, boiled

  • 1 whole Broccoli

  • 1 whole Cauliflower

  • 1 large red onions

  • 1 can (240g) chick peas

  • 2 Courgettes

  • 3x tablespoon Turmeric

  • 3x tablespoon Tandoori spice mix

  • 3x tablespoon Garlic

  • 3x tablespoon Cumin

  • 3x tablespoon Coriander


  • Coat the chicken in the tandoori spice mix

  • Place on grill pan


  • Chop all veg into bite size pieces and blitz in a food processor until rice size

  • Put in a large bowl and mix with chickpeas, turmeric, cumin and coriander

  • Wash rice in water and rinse - place in a pan and cook as per packet instructions (if using pre cooked packet rice just whack it in with the veggies)


  • Bring the rice to the boil and cook as per instructions (roughly 15 minutes)

  • Get two large non stick pans and place the garlic with some coconut oil in both.

  • Pour half the veggie mix into each pan and start to fry off.

  • Pour a little water on the veggies. Keep moving to ensure all the veg is cooked. Will take around 10 minutes.

  • Place the chicken under a hot grill for 6 minutes each side

  • Pour the cooked rice into the veggies and mix

  • Can add fresh herbs if you have them

This makes 6-8 portions depending on how big you want them!

6 portions is 35g protein, 33g carbs, 12g fat, 10g fibre

8 portions is 25g protein, 25g carbs, 9g fat, 7g fibre

Top with some cucumber raita (not included in macros) - 80 calories per serving