These are the companies and products we use ourselves and with our clients

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Balance meals

No more plain chicken and white rice! Our recommended meal prep and delivery service. The quality of the meals is unrivalled! We use with a number of our athletes and clients in the U.K.

Using a meal prep company is one of the easiest ways to keep your nutrition on point. Even if it is just for a 1 or two meals a day. 

The great thing about balance is you can order for 1, 2 ,3 or 4 weeks. You are not locked in to a contract. Use to stock up, freeze a few meals and use during bust periods of work or training. 

Use code PH10 for 10% discount off all food orders

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True Motion are a physiotherapy, osteopathy and sports medicine clinic in London. We cannot recommend Franco and the team highly enough. From fixing specific issues to helping you take your performance to the next level these guys are the best around.

They have clinics based in the city and waterloo.


Bulk Powders

We know that buying nutritional products can be expensive. Bulk powders are our recommended nutrition supplier for all the basics. 

The PRO series range offers some of the best quality and blends to take your performance to the next level. They ALWAYS have discounts. Click below to get the best deals now!

Products we often use - 

✔ Aftermath and informed whey

✔ Vegan protein blend (chocolate peanut)

✔ Glutamine, opti zinc and omegas

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Active Edge

Superb range of range of 100% concentrated juices that have a superior nutrient content and flavour. These products are backed by a tonne of research that help you to improve recovery, performance and health.

They taste incredible with smoothies, yoghurts and overnight oats. The recipe section is awesome!

pH Nutrition nutritionist Lucy Majury is an ambassador and we have a code PHN10 for 10% off!

Products we often use - 

✔ Cherry active

✔ Beet active

✔ Cherry active choc cherries