Nutrition can be a tricky subject to provide advice on, especially to all members of your box. We want them to be maximising the stimulus of the programming regardless of whether they train twice or 10 times per week. 

At pH Nutrition we provide a tailored seminar or workshop at your box to educate your members on how to use nutrition to maximise their health and CrossFit performance

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Educating your members with the correct information is essential in them making progress. With so much information available, providing clear advice based on research and experience will remove the decision stress of what, when and how much to eat

In the seminar we cover the following topics

  • Our principles of nutrition and how to align these to your goals

  • The demands of CrossFit and how to use nutrition to maximise your progress

  • Our 5 step method to setting up your CrossFit diet

  • Nutrition for training times

  • Our 4 key areas of CrossFit nutrition

  • Supplementation for health and performance

  • Meal prep tips and tricks

  • Q&A

If you are interested in signing up please drop us a message to discuss your requirements further

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