We have worked with over a thousand CrossFit members and we have used the knowledge and experience to create this membership site. We have put the guide together as a starting point and we know that this will help improve your CrossFit performance. 

This section provides the HOW, THE WHAT AND THE WHY of the strength plan.



Why do we start with 5 meals?

Having a baseline intake of 5 meals limits the time we will be in a fasted state. A structured pattern of eating is essential for progress. 


Ensuring your body has a constant supply of protein throughout the day is essential for optimum muscle growth. Protein is made up of amino acids which are the building blocks of your muscles and body. As for carbs and fats they play the important role of being muscle sparing, meaning they are used for energy production before our body turns to using valuable protein. Hence why they should never be dramatically decreased. Carbs also play a vital role in the transport of protein to the muscle in order to aid muscle growth.

This doesn't mean that we just need to shove 2 chicken breasts in at every meal. Carbs and fats are essential for building muscle and getting stronger. For CrossFit we need these macronutrients for energy and recovery. 

The body can only digest a certain amount in one sitting - so shoving in a 1000 calories in one meal is a sure fire way to increase the wrong type of weight! 

Balance your intake over the day and limit long periods without eating. 



Anabolic vs catabolic

To build strength and muscle we want to PROMOTE muscle protein synthesis and REDUCE muscle protein breakdown. This is what we mean when we say being anabolic opposed to catabolic.

Not supplying the body with enough means the body has to use its own stores. This is counter productive to what we are trying to achieve. Increasing calories too much in the hope that it will add even more muscle usually ends up you adding more body fat. So by using the guide provided we have ensured that you are in enough of a calorie surplus to promote muscle and strength gains.

Focus on quality calories. You can eat big but eating poor quality foods will damage your progress. In terms of calories it is best to slightly overshoot your intake compared to under eating when following the strength plan.


Limit fasted training

anabolic window.jpg

As we have spoke about on numerous occasions we need to identify our primary goal.

Increasing muscle mass and strength is HARD! 

Even harder when we are training fasted, doing too much cardio or not eating in the post workout window. 

Now if you are doing the 6am class we know it is tough to eat. Simply taking some BCAA or having a small snack will really help. 

If you are training fasted then post workout nutrition becomes even more important. Ensure you re-feed within 30 minutes post workout. 


Prepare to gain some weight

Mass moves mass right?

Yeah kinda true. But for CrossFit we still want to perform well in other areas such as gymnastics. 

So we need to increase the right type of weight...functional weight. 

But doing so we will potentially put on a little body fat. Don't worry though, over the course of the membership we will show you how to set your plan up so those abs will still be out for summer. 

Use the measurement guide and the performance tracker. If more weight is going on the bar than the body then we are winning!