pH Nutrition testing

To optimise your performancenutrition needs to be personalised. Using sophisticated, science-based urine and/or blood analytics, we can identify how to take YOU to the next level!

Functional testing helps to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how your body is currently functioning, and as a result allows us to design a more individualised NUTRITION strategy. It allows us to accurately monitor progress and thus increasing the chance of success. Using these test we can track biomarkers to help –

genova diagnostics
  • Provide a detailed insight into your current health status
  • Provide an in depth analysis of specific deficiencies or imbalances
  • Identify the root cause of chronic illnesses
  • Use the tests to optimise health and performance

The information gained from these tests is AMAZING. If you want to know if you are maximising your fat burning potential, optimising your energy production and digesting all the expensive recovery shake you are drinking then book now or contact me to discuss further!

Please be aware that these tests cannot be purchased alone. A full consultation is recommended before any diagnostic testing is to be performed to identify which test is right for you. Please enquire to find out more information.



Blood and urine sample

The most comprehensive evaluation available. .

This is ideal for Competitive athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.

  • This test incorporates all other testing plus
  • Essential Fatty Acid assessment
  • Elemental Analysis
  • Homocysteine levels
  • Vitamin D levels



Urine sample only

This test provides more detail than the ENTRY test on oxidative stress and how your body is recovering from exercise. Excellent choice for those training over 4 times per week.

  • Includes all Entry level testing data
  • Oxidative stress analysis



Urine sample only

This is an incredible test which provides excellent value for money. The information obtained will allow us to tailor your plan and supercharge your performance.

  • This test includes
  • Metabolic analysis measuring 39 organic acids
  • Amino acid analysis measuring 40 amino acids
  • Digestive health analysis
  • Energy production analysis

**ALL TESTS INCLUDE A £100 INTERPRETATION FEE. This is to cover my analysis and recommendations**

With all of the testing you will receive

  • A full in depth analysis of the test results
  • A bespoke nutrition and supplementation advice plan
  • Advice on how to correlate to your current lifestyle (if forms are completed)
  • Access to discounted supplementation

If you are then interested in booking onto one of our coaching programmes please click below to see what package will suit you best.

The MacroNutrient Calculator

Steps to Using the MacroNutrient Calculator
  1. Enter your daily calories (or use the 'Help Me Find My Daily Calories Needs' feature)
  2. Press the Calculate Button
  3. Use the sliders or presets to adjust the percentages

Show Grams per Meal
Number of meals per day:

Currently displaying values for a 3519 calories per day diet.
Grams per Day Grams per Meal
Carbohydrate: Percentage: 50%
440 147
Protein: Percentage: 30%
264 88
Fat: Percentage: 20%
78 26
Total Percentage: 100%
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