Let us do all the work and provide you with a personalised 3 month nutrition plan


Our highly educated, experienced nutrition coaches will produce a plan that will remove the stress of nutrition and allow you to reach your goals without an insanely restrictive diet.

Our 3 month coaching program will give you the bespoke nutrition plan you have been searching for.

Sounds good right? But lets just see if this right for you.

✔ You have struggled jumping from diet to diet or always put the weight back on after stopping the “diet”

✔ You are sick of not knowing what to eat for your body

✔ You really like the thought of working with a coach to provide support and reassurance

✔ The thought of a complex diet plan scares you and you just want a simple plan that gets results.

Did you answer yes to more than one of those?

Our 3 month coaching may just be what you have been searching for.


Okay, so you answered yes to a few of those, but what do you actually get?

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An easy to follow bespoke nutrition plan

Your nutrition coach will provide a detailed analysis of your current nutrition, lifestyle and training habits to produce a bespoke plan of action.

This will be structured in a step by step format to not overwhelm you in anyway.

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Personalised meal plan for every situation

You will receive personalised calories and macros with meal targets.

A sample meal plan with various meal options will be included also. This will be updated in each consultation.

We also give you exact meal breakdowns based on our meal system, making it super easy to follow your plan and make any adjustments to recipes as you see fit.

Train at different times? No problem as we will put a plan in place for each day.

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4 face to face consultations at our clinic or online

Actually talking to someone can have huge benefits in keeping you on track opposed to just following a spreadsheet or eBook!

Roughly every 3 weeks you have a face to face consultation to review, analyse and progress your plan with your coach.

Don’t worry, in between these you have unlimited access to your coach.

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Access to your program through our app

We will upload your plan and stay in contact through the pH Nutrition coaching app. This is where you receive daily lessons, perform accountability checks ins, upload data to track progress and message your coach.

Over the course of the 3 month program you will receive education on the areas that we identify in your consultations so we can build a sustainable plan.

calories and macros

Meal breakdowns

The meal breakdowns sheet in your plan shows EXACTLY how much of each food you need to eat to hit your macros.

This basically makes it fool proof and no real need to track your food. Just pick from each column to build your meals.

Enables you to build your own meals as well as the ones in your meal plan.

myfitnesspal recipes

Recipe packs

All of our recipe packs had MyFitnessPal barcodes so no more entering a million ingredients in!

Simply scan in a log.

We will provide you with these over the course of the program.

And that is not all….you get FREE access to our members site!



£149 per month

3 month minimum commitment


So what is the process?

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Sign up and book appointment

When signing up you will be asked to create an account for the members site and pay the first months fee.

You will then be redirected to book your consultation at one of our clinics or online.

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Complete the intake form

Once booked you complete our intake form so your coach can start to analyse your plan straight away.

In the consultation you will go over your plan and ensure everything is clear and ready to go.

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Join the community

Support and accountability is essential for making progress with your nutrition.

Through the members site, the Facebook group and your coaching app we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Get results

Use your plan alongside the resources on the members site and the lessons in the app to start making real progress!

We offer unrivalled support so anything you need just reach out.



£149 per month

3 month minimum commitment


Here are just a handful of reviews from some of our 3 month clients

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