Functional testing helps to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how your body is currently functioning, and as a result allows us to design a more individualised NUTRITION strategy. It allows us to accurately monitor progress and thus increasing the chance of success. Using these test we can track biomarkers to help –

  • Optimise health and performance

  • Provide a detailed insight into your current health status

  • Provide an in depth analysis of specific deficiencies or imbalances

  • Identify the root cause of chronic illnesses

The information gained from these tests is AMAZING. If you want to know if you are maximising your potential then book now or contact us to discuss further!



Order online

Simply select the test you want from the range of specialist blood tests and health checks. Medichecks tell you everything you need to know about your test, from what type of sample you need to collect, to how many markers we are testing for as well as how long it is likely to take once the laboratory has received your sample. Our recommendations are below

Collect your sample

Many of the tests can simply be taken at home with a finger-prick sample. They will send you everything you need including clear instructions on how to collect a sample successfully.

Liam Holmes can take blood samples at our clinics in CrossFit Shapesmiths and WIT training


Mail the sample

All of the test kits come with a pre-paid first class envelope to post your sample to the laboratory. It is important that the sample arrives the following day so it is always best to take your sample in the morning to meet the midday post


Get your results

Once Medichecks have received your results from the lab we will post them securely onto your own personal dashboard at

We can then set up an analysis to get your personalised nutrition plan in place.

Recommended tests

+ Sports hormone check ultra vit

The most comprehensive sports performance blood test consisting of hormonal and metabolic blood tests as well as vitamin D, B12, folate, magnesium, DHEA-s and insulin.

Who is this test for

For anyone looking to supercharge their sport and exercise performance this is a test we recommended to do once as a base. This will allow us to align your nutrition plan to maximise performance, health and recovery.

+ Diet and lifestyle plus Omega 3 and 6

This profile is an advanced diet and lifestyle check and includes your balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids which is essential for brain and heart health as well as for reducing inflammation. With tests for liver and kidney function, cholesterol, diabetes, important nutirents like vitamin D, B12 and folate, and cortisol for stress management, this profile offers the deepest insight yet into how your lifestyle is affecting your health

Who is this test for?

Anyone looking to improve overall health and wellness and improve recovery

+ Endurance Fit

An advanced endurance profile for athletes of all abilities. This profile includes tests for energy, fatigue, inflammation, recovery and general health.

Who is this test for?

We use this test for clients who are regularly training and have hit a plateau or want to drop some body fat. This is due to the insulin, thyroid and nutrient profiles it provides.


If you need more information please head over to the Medichecks website or get in contact with us!


Unlock the secrets of your DNA

With this test - which only requires a saliva sample you can take at home - you'll access nutritional insights that'll last a lifetime about these key genetic traits:

  • Metabolic rate

  • Vitamin D levels

  • Alcohol sensitivity

  • Digestion & IBS

  • Efficient use of dietary fat

  • The fat gene

  • Caffeine metabolism

  • Iron uptake

  • Vitamin B12 uptake

  • Fat vs muscle composition

  • Folate levels

  • Vitamin B6 uptake

  • Omega 3 & 6 metabolism

  • Vitamin C uptake

VITL create a detailed report which explains why you're more likely to respond in particular ways to certain types of food or activity - and what you can do about it to work with your body. 

You can then purchase our DIET SET UP package and we will provide a more personalised analysis and align the results to your current nutrition and training.