Did you know you can lose fat, feel energised, train better, all whilst actually enjoying the food you eat?!

I know crazy right.


But it is true. The secret is in the system.

The 6 week fat loss program that I’m going to be revealing to you isn’t designed to deliver fat loss, it’s designed to deliver so much more than that.

It’s designed to deliver functional fat loss for life.

What does that mean? Well, functional fat loss is a little different from your regular ‘get abs for summer’ fat loss.

Following a program that’s designed purely for physique related goals is going to leave you exhausted, fighting cravings, and dealing with your performance taking a nosedive off a cliff.

What you need is a nutrition strategy that fuels your body and mind with everything you need to continue hitting PB’s while your body fat is peeled away week by week.

And what better time to do this than before Christmas….

So what do you get?

  • Personal Nutrition Coach - Your coach is not just someone you check in with and get generic praise from. Your coach will help you navigate obstacles that would have previously caused you to give up in frustration and constantly empower you with the kind of knowledge that puts you in the driver’s seat of your diet.

  • Fat Loss Template - We provide the framework and you personalise the details to make your diet fit into your lifestyle perfectly. You can customise everything from your calories to your macros all under the watchful eye of your personal coach. We have just added automatic recipe calculations as well!!

  • The Fat Loss blueprint -  Your nutrition guide will answer any initial questions you have to ensure you experience zero uncertainty at the start of your journey.

  • 3 Recipe & Meal Plan Packs + guides - For the times you struggle with inspiration or feel like the pressure of deciding what to cook is too much you can refer to these packs that come complete with MyFitnessPal barcodes (no more entering a million ingredients in!)

  • pH Nutrition App Access - It’s nice to have some data to track your progress alongside how you are feeling and performing. Our app provides you with a one-stop-shop of progress checking so you can make sure you are on the road to progress.

WARNING! In 42 days time you could be leaner, more confident and know you are in credit before the Christmas period starts.

Or you could struggle through and have to start at square 1 in January.

What’s it going to be?


Last intake of the year starts 17th October.

Get in credit for Christmas!



Program starts 17th October


Sounds good, but…..

+ I want to get leaner AND stronger...is this for me?

Ah the number one question we get! And the answer is….yes, this is for you.

All you need to do is choose lean gains or fat loss gradual as your targets on the template. This will keep your intake at a level to support training and only put you in a very slight deficit at certain times.

The meal structure and timings are the key to leaning out and getting stronger. When our clients follow the timings consistently they CRUSH it!

You may have heard that it doesn’t matter about timings etc for losing fat. This is kinda correct as your overall intake is most important. But when trying to fuel training, get lean and get strong, meal timings become very important.

This is something you can discuss with your coach to get it right.

+ I [delete as appropriate] am on holiday, have a work trip, go out at weekends. Should I still sign up?

Will there ever be a time when you have a clear run of doing nothing but training, sleeping and prepping food?

No, exactly.

And nor should there be.

If you are away for more than 2 weeks of the program then wait to the next intake. If you have the odd trip, night out, wedding, weekend away etc then thats fine. We will provide you with the information and structure to manage these situations better. This is what nutrition coaching is all about.

If your plan cannot be followed during these times, it is the wrong plan.

+ Do I have to track my food everyday?

We do advise you to track your food at the start, but this is simply to get an idea of how much you are currently eating. You need this so we can make adjustments and work towards your targets.

Often people are shocked by how much or how little they are eating! So we only ask you to do this for 2-3 days. Thats is it.

There is no requirement to track your food long term at all. We provide you with different options in the plan. We have a meal system (training and anytime meals) that provides you with a clear structure to follow. We also have hand portion guides to help make better choices.

We have laid out the times to eat these depending on when you train. We have our meal breakdowns tab that calculates HOW much you need to eat for each meal. Pssst this is like magic - it shows exactly how much of each food to eat to hit your calories and macros).

And we have MyFitnessPal barcodes on all recipes so no more entering in a million ingredients!

+ I have followed plans before and not really seen results

We can’t comment on why you haven’t made progress previously. However our plans are built on -

  • Evidence based research blended with real world experience. No wishy washy advice. Just a nutrition plan that if followed WILL allow you to make progress.

  • Simplicity. Yes, it will take a little setting up but the plan is built on making things simple, effective and sustainable. People can overcomplicate nutrition and this leads to either lack of progress in the short term or the inability to stick to it long term.

  • Removing the decision stress. Nutrition should help you reach your goals, lessen the stress we place on our bodies through work and training and support long term health. It should not add to the stress in your life. We have laid everything out for you, provided all the tools and have an incredible community to support your every step.

  • Support. Things never go 100% to plan. Having your coach there to guide you in these times and provide answers to any questions you have allows for you to make sustained progress.

  • Enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy eating the foods we suggest and following the plan then it is not right for you. We have planned it in a way that makes meal and snack times something to look forward to.

Remember progress comes in many forms. The plan will help you to make positives changes in more areas than purely body composition.

Let us tell you why we have created these programs

Have you have followed numerous “diets” and now feel a bit lost?

Or just don’t quite know what to eat for your body.

Yep we have been there….

We know it is tough to find trusted nutrition advice.

There are just so many programs, courses and plans to choose from.

You may have made progress in the initial part of the diet

But are you following it now?!

We want to stop people having to sign up to a new program or fad diet every year.

What if we could show you a system that allowed you to reach your goals whilst not having to remove every food under the sun?

Designed by people who have been in your situation

Would that be something of interest to you?


People can complicate nutrition. Let us make it simple, sustainable and effective

Our mission is to show you how nutrition can help you get the most out of the time you spend at the gym

AND energise you for the other 23 hours a day

People accept being tired and just “getting through'“


With this 6 week program you won’t have to change a million things or follow a strict set of rules

We work together to find what works for you

Clients are always saying to me “it doesn’t feel like a diet”

THATS RIGHT!!! It should feel easy

So why wait to start making progress?!

Start the last nutrition plan you'll ever need

6 week fat loss.001.jpeg


Program starts 17th October


Let us show you a few reviews and results from clients

Still not sure?

Thats cool. We know there are a million different programs out there.

So if you want to sign up to the one that has ripped guy holding an eBook promising you will lose XX pounds in the first week…..

Then fire away.

Or maybe it’s the skinny chick promising you that her 21 day reset is the way to get results.

Cool….pay them and get her “48 page comprehensive fat loss guide”.

Are you really going to read it?

No didn’t think so.

Let us show you who we are and why we know we can help you achieve your goals.