Knowing what to eat to fuel training & put on the RIGHT type of weight is tough.

We have taken the stress out of what, how much and when to eat so you have a clear path to supercharge your performance and get insanely strong.

This is the plan for you if -

✔ You have hit a plateau in your training and can’t break it

✔ You struggle to know how much you should be eating to train hard but not pile on excess body fat

✔ You want to start taking nutrition more seriously to get the most out of your training

✔ You want to get leaner as well as stronger.


Okay, sounds good but what do I actually get?

  • Personalised calories and macros - So you know exactly what to eat and you can quit the guessing game that’s left you wondering why you’re not getting any results.

  • Weekly email support - We provide email and videos each week to guide you through the process to ensure you are making those strength gains.

  • Meal breakdowns - Calories and macros are useless if you don’t know exactly what’s on your plate. Every meal is broken down for you to leave you safe in the knowledge that you are on track towards your goals.

  • Easy to follow nutrition plan broken into manageable 6 week blocks

  • Match your macros to your training - Customise your macros to fit around your training so you are squeezing out every drop of progress from every workout.

  • MyFitnessPal Barcodes - You know how annoying it is to put every single ingredient from a meal into MFP? No need to endure that mind numbing ordeal with our pre-prepared bar codes that scan directly into MFP.

  • How to hit your macros PDF - A clear, easy to follow guide that walks you through how to hit your macros so you can experience the sensational results our diet set up can deliver.

  • Tailored for vegans and vegetarians also. We have specific templates, recipe packs and guides.

If you need struggle to know if the amount you are eating is right for your training and want to finally start putting more weight on the bar then this is the package for you!

Only £45

One time payment

Yep, you get ALL of this

strengthh nutrition recipe and front.001.jpeg

Simple step by step nutrition guide

Your nutrition guide will provide a simple structure to follow to fuel your training better and watch your performance skyrocket.

Use in conjunction with your diet template to get your strength and performance diet up in place

strengthh diet tempalte.001.jpeg

Your own strength diet plan

Your diet template calculates your personalised calories and macros. Based on your current lifestyle and training you can choose between 4 different options - lean gains, muscle gain gradual, muscle gain moderate and muscle gain aggressive.

We also give you exact meal breakdowns based on our meal system, making it super easy to follow your plan

Train at different times? No problem the template has timings based on training in the morning, midday, evening, double sessions and rest days.

simple recipes

Recipes that match your macros

The sample recipe tab AUTOMATICALLY calculates the recipes based on your meals

The amounts change to fit your calories and macros.

20 recipes tailored for you!

diet set up images.001.jpeg

Meal breakdowns

The meal breakdowns tab AUTOMATICALLY calculates exactly how much of each food you need to eat to hit your macros.

This basically makes it fool proof and no real need to track your food. Just pick from each column to build your meals!

healthy recipes

Recipe packs

All of our recipe packs had MyFitnessPal barcodes so no more entering a million ingredients in!

Simply scan in a log.

We have 2 recipe packs for you. Coupled with the sample recipes in the template thats over 60 recipes!

calories and macros

How to hit your macros PDF

We know it is so tough to hit your calories and macros. Our simple guide gives you practical advice to be consistent in hitting your targets.

No matter if you are over on carbs, under on fats or need to bulk your meals out with low calorie options we have you covered

snack ideas

Snack recipes

We know snacks are often the area that people struggle with! We provide you with a tonne of snack ideas to help you stay on track.

From no cook, grab and go and damn tasty home baking this is such a useful book to have!

members facebook group.001.jpeg

Access to the members group

Along with the email support you receive access to our incredible members facebook group. Here you can ask any question regarding the program or nutrition in general.

Support and accountability is a crucial element to making progress!

Guys, I am interested but…..

+ I want to get stronger but also lean this for me?

Ah the number one question we get! And the answer is….yes, this is for you.

All you need to do is choose lean gains or muscle gain gradual as your targets on the template. This will keep your intake at a level to support training and only put you in a very slight deficit at certain times.

The meal structure and timings are the key to leaning out and getting stronger. When our clients follow the timings consistently they CRUSH it!

Remember you need to have the right stimulus to gain strength. You cannot simply sit on the bike or go for long runs and expect to gain strength. You need to be training with enough volume and intensity.

+ I want quick results - how long does it take to get stronger?

It takes time. How long? Hmmm tough one to answer! However -

If you want quicker results then you do need to understand that you may stick on a bit of body fat. Choose muscle gain moderate or aggressive as your targets from the template.

If you want to stay leaner then understand that the process will be a little longer. Choose lean gains or muscle gain gradual.

With both goals you need to be consistent and patient!

+ How long is the plan?

In short it is something you can use for…well…life.

We break the plan down into 6 week blocks. So you follow certain targets for 4 weeks, these then change for 2 weeks and then we instruct you how to assess your progress and change your targets. You can then follow the same structure again for 6 weeks.

Or we have the ability to be more flexible. After the initial 6 week block you can change the calorie targets based on different intensity of your sessions. This allows you to have more flexibility day to day and match to your training.

We talk through this is in the email sequence but if you need advice the members group is where you can ask questions to make sure you progress in the right way.

What we have tried to do is provide you with a plan that can be personalised to you!

+ I am vegan - can I use the plan?

Yes absolutely. We have separate vegan template for you to use and a vegan recipe pack.

The principles are still the same! And yes you can still use the plan even if you just eat one or two vegan meals a week.

+ Why shouldn't I sign up for this plan

If you have never tracked calories and macros then it may be a little alien to you. The 6 week strength program would be more suited.

If you are looking to work one on one with a coach on a specific goal or condition. The 3 month coaching package or How to be a Fitter Woman would be better suited as they are far more bespoke.

If you are looking for a quick fix. It is simply not what we do!

If you are not willing to commit to a plan. We have designed this program after reviewing what has worked with over a 1000 clients. If you follow it and commit you will make progress.

+ I don't really like tracking my food

There is no requirement to track your food at all. We provide you with different options in the plan. We have a meal system (training and anytime meals) that provides you with a clear structure to follow. We also have hand portion guides to guide choices.

We have laid out the times to eat these depending on when you train. We have our meal breakdowns tab that calculates HOW much you need to eat for each meal. Pssst this is like magic - it shows exactly how much of each food to eat to hit your calories and macros).

And we have MyFitnessPal barcodes on all recipes so no more entering in a million ingredients!

+ I have followed plans before and not really seen results

We can’t comment on why you haven’t made progress previously. However our plans are built on -

  • Evidence based research blended with real world experience. No wishy washy advice. Just a nutrition plan that if followed WILL allow you to make progress

  • Simplicity. Yes, it will take a little setting up but the plan is built on making things simple, effective and sustainable. People can overcomplicate nutrition and this leads to either lack of progress in the short term or the inability to stick to it long term.

  • Removing the decision stress. Nutrition should help you reach your goals, lessen the stress we place on our bodies through work and training and support long term health. It should not add to the stress in your life. We have laid everything out for you, provided all the tools and have an incredible community to support your every step.

  • Enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy eating the foods we suggest and following the plan then it is not right for you. We have planned it in a way that makes meal and snack times something to look forward to. [If you continue to eat boiled plain chicken and broccoli I will remove your access to the plan].

Remember progress comes in many forms. The plan will help you to make positives changes in more areas than purely body composition.

The pH Nutrition Strength Diet

Our simple and effective plan to get super strong, fuel training and start crushing your performance